3 Keys to Learning Positive Intrapersonal Communications By Latonia Price

I know the idea of ‘talking to yourself’ seems ridiculous. However, in today’s time, it’s absolutely necessary to have great intrapersonal communication skills. These skills aren’t necessarily about being conceited or selfish. It’s more about being able to face reality with a more calm and level mindset. Here are 3 keys that I believe helps to improve intrapersonal communication skills:

Don’t be ashamed to talk to yourself. I am not ashamed to admit I talk to myself. I ask myself serious and/or simple questions every day that centers on my attitude, love for myself, love for God, love for my husband, love for other people, and so much more. Most times, I don’t answer certain questions right away because I want to wait to see if the answer will come from God. But because I asked myself a question and God knows what I asked, He’ll answer. That’s why I have no shame because most answers come from God. I may give an answer to some of the simple questions but for more of those serious questions, it’s a few days or weeks because I want to make sure God answers and not myself. If I answer, I may not end up with the best solution. If I give room for God to answer, I am more likely to follow the right solution.

Have daily, consistent reflection time. Since the start of 2018, I’ve been doing tons of self-reflection. I’ve been telling people how I spend so much time in the mirror nowadays. Not sounding conceited but being transparent and sharing the fact that I need help. I need God, I need my husband, I need my family, I need trustworthy friends, etc. I’m not perfect. I love to learn and I have a lot of knowledge. However, I still need God to supply all my needs according to His riches in glory. (Phil. 4:19) I still need protection, love, support, healthy food, decent clothes, etc. I can’t survive without God and what He supplies.

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Break limiting beliefs through thanksgiving. Each person has an idea of who they are. Most are quick to recognize their weaknesses but so many are slow to recognize their strengths. It’s easy to recognize a strength with a well-known public figure because that’s all the media will show. But nowadays, the truth is coming forth and recognizing that even they have flaws. We have to break these limiting beliefs by being so thankful for what we do have! Don’t take what you have for granted. Don’t doubt yourself by comparing yourself to others. It’s not worth comparing or competing. Be grateful for how God made you.

Love yourself enough to talk to yourself. Improve your intrapersonal communication skills. You may find it so easy to encourage others but take more time to encourage yourself. Believe me, you’ll reap the benefits over and over again!

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