Bring Your Health Back to Life by Breaking the Self-Sabotage Cycle By Nicole Dennison

Self-sabotage has been dubbed ‘the enemy within.’ I agree.

It’s self-defeating behavior that we use to solve or cope with a problem that ends up causing new problems. Bigger headaches. Greater stress. More worry.


Often, we don’t know we’re sabotaging ourselves. We think we’re doing what we need to do to get through the day or cope with an issue. We tell ourselves “we’re taking care of things.” But we’re not. Unwittingly, we’re undermining and shooting ourselves in the foot.

When it comes to our health, coffee and aspirin, skipped lunches and a drive-through dinner will make the body want to escape through wine at night.

There’s no judgment here. I know you’re doing your best to get through the day.

What I’d like to do is offer an alternative. One that encourages and supports you in considering another way of doing things:

· One that facilitates instead of impedes health.

· One borne of wisdom rather than impulse.

· One that brings your health back to life.

Sound good?

As a busy professional woman, both your personal and professional life depends on you being in tip-top-health. Bring your health back to life – It’s easier than you think!

How to Know If You’re in a Self-Sabotage Cycle

So, how do you know if you’re in a self-sabotaging cycle?

According to Psychology Today, “Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals.”

That makes it easy, then, to decide if what you’re doing is self-sabotaging.

Questions to ask:

1. Are my food choices interfering with my ability to feel great throughout the day?

2. Are putting my own needs last diminishing my effectiveness?

3. Is my procrastinating about my health and wellbeing hurting my long-term goals?

If the answer is ‘yes’ and you do it repeatedly, then you’re in a self-sabotaging cycle.

Why Is the Self-Sabotage Cycle Such a Problem?

Because it’s like the Lay’s potato chip advertising slogan: “Betcha can’t eat just one!”

One potato chip leads to a handful and the next thing you know you’ve eaten the entire bag for dinner. With French Onion dip!

That’s not healthy.

Your success as a busy professional woman lies in healthy habits. Self-sabotaging behaviors undermine your ability to achieve long-term goals.

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Five Steps to End the Self-Sabotage Cycle Once and for All

Step One: Become aware of what you’re saying about yourself.

What do you hear yourself saying inside, mumbling to yourself outside, or speaking to others? Is it positive or negative? Are you appreciating or putting yourself down?

Whenever you hear yourself saying something negative replace it with something positive. I have a client who says, “Cancel that!” Find a way to state every thought as a positive. Believe in your value, and choose self-encouraging words and actions.

Step Two: Set your daily intention.

Each morning, look in the mirror and state out loud your intention for the day. Just as you set your car’s GPS with a destination before driving, so, too, it’s vital that you set your mind’s daily destination with a positive intention.

Step Three: Reward yourself.

When you reach your goal, reward yourself. No, not with food. Instead, do something positive for yourself that lifts your spirit.

Why? Because doing so reinforces the desired behavior and stops the self-sabotage cycle.

Step Four: Rinse and repeat.

Notice your talk, replace it with something positive, set your daily intention, and reward yourself when you reach your goal. That’s it.

There’s a phrase, “what gets attention, gets repeated” that works here. Give attention to the positive and repeat it.

Step Five: Self-love.

As you move away from the self-sabotage cycle, you’ll find yourself naturally caring for and taking better care of yourself. Although self-love may feel and be new to you, as you bring your health back to life, you’ll find it becomes quite natural.

Once the cycle breaks, you’ll find self-love empowering. Self-love is the place where your happiness resides. Where health and wellness reign. It’s a place where you sparkle.

As busy professional women, we don’t always know we’re sabotaging ourselves. Unwittingly, we shoot ourselves in the foot and wonder why our health is declining. Stop the self-sabotage cycle, once and for all, and bring your health back to life. These five steps will help you make conscious, purposeful, healthy choices. It’s easier than you think!

Nicole Dennison is a Certified Holistic Health Consultant providing education, guidance, and mentoring primarily to women ready to holistically heal their body and emotions. If making healthy habits successful for you to live a vibrant life is important to you, sign up to receive her FREE video course, “Three Days to Your Vibrant Health” at:

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