Start Your New Year Well By Susan Leigh

There’s are certain times in life when it’s good to pause and assess what we’ve achieved so far, how that measures up to our original goals and where we would like our next steps to take us. Birthdays, especially decade birthdays, can be a useful evaluation point, but new year can also be a valuable time to check in and take stock of our aims, successes and the things that didn’t work out as planned. Continue reading “Start Your New Year Well By Susan Leigh”

The Importance of Gratitude By Sam Obitz

I don’t know many people who would argue against the value of giving thanks, so on the surface it would appear that I am simply preaching to the choir here. It’s easy to be thankful for all the blessings we have in our life like family, friends, health, food, shelter, etc. Expressing gratitude has also been linked to a plethora of benefits ranging from better mental and physical health, to improved relationships and productivity. Continue reading “The Importance of Gratitude By Sam Obitz”