Emotional Dumping: What Is Emotional Dumping? By Oliver JR Cooper

There are going to be moments in everyone’s life when things are not running smoothly, with this being a time when they may need someone to open up to. If they were to reach out to someone, they could just go over what has been going on.
After this has taken place, one could soon direct their attention to the other person. This could be a time when one will ask about how they are and what has been taking place in their life.

Another Time

However, even if one doesn’t place their attention on what the other person has been going through, this could be something that rarely takes place. Therefore, when they usually talk to this person, it will be a two-way exchange.

Perhaps, there have been moments when the other person has not been in a good place, causing them to only share what is going in their life. This is then just going to be part of life and not something that can be avoided.

Drama Free

It won’t be that one was getting bored and needed something dramatic to take place to keep them busy, either. Maybe they are having family problems or there could be something that is not right at work.

This could be something that rarely takes place, meaning that they may usually have something positive to share when they reach out to others. Or at the very least, it might be something that is fairly neutral.

Slightly Drained

After one has opened up about a challenge they are going through, the other person may feel slightly weighed down by what has been uploaded onto then. If they are an ’empath’, for instance, it can have an even greater effect on them.

Fortunately, this won’t be something that the other person has to experience on a regular basis; if it was, it would undoubtedly have a negative effect on their wellbeing. Once the interaction has come to an end, they may need to do something to cleanse their energy – to restore their mental and emotional equilibrium.

A Radical Different Dynamic

Now, while the above will be a scenario that plenty of people will be able to relate to, there will be others who are unable to do so. For these people, the above scenario can sound too good to be true.

What this can illustrate is that someone like this can have at least one person in their life who is always sharing their problems with them. It is then not going to be something that takes place every now and then; it will take place on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

One Focus

In this case, one can generally reach out to others when something is going wrong in their life. There may be moments when they are going through some heavy stuff, while at others it might be fairly trivial.

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Even so, one won’t take the time to find out about how the other person is; what they are going through is likely to be seen as being far more important. If the other person was to talk about their life, one might come across as apathetic or they may say that they have to go.

Hooked On Drama

One is not going to have a life that runs smoothly; it will be one problem after another. But, although one may come across as though they are not happy with how their life is, it will be clear that this is not completely true.

If someone has just met them, they may believe that they are a victim and that the world has got it in for them. Their view of this person is likely to change, though, if they were to spend a certain amount of time with them.

Wiped Out

The person who one is sharing their problems with is likely to end up feeling drained after spending time with them. One won’t have put their teeth into them, so to speak, but they will have still sucked a lot of their life force out of them.

If someone is an ’empath’, it may be even harder for them to recover from an interaction like this. Ultimately, one will have dumped a fair amount of their negative energy onto them and taken a lot of their positive energy away.

Two Parts

Firstly, there is going to be what is going on for the person who has the tendency to dump their emotions onto others and, secondly, there will be what is going on for the person who has tendency to attract these people into their life.

It would be easy to paint one person as the perpetrator and the other as the victim, but this doesn’t solve anything; this is a symbiotic relationship. There is a strong chance that both of these people have trouble with boundaries.

A Deeper Look

The person who has the tendency to dump their pain onto others probably doesn’t realise that other people are separate from them. Deep down, they may believe that other people are an extension of them.

When it comes to the person who is often on the receiving end of this dumping, they may not realise that they are separate from others. Deep down, they may believe that they are an extension of others.


The former is going to need to develop boundaries and to accept that other people are not responsible for them. The latter is also going to need to develop boundaries and to accept that they are not responsible for others.

If one is used to being dumped on by others, they can be more likely to reach out for support; the reason being that they are far more likely to recognise that something is not right. This support can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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