How Bachata Can Improve Your Confidence And Alleviate Depression

Yes Bachata can improve your confidence and alleviate depression. If you don’t believe me, believe the expert.

Today I bring you a bit of light relief, whoop whoop! I felt this was needed after the heavy topics of the last few interviews!

Let me introduce you to someone who is so passionate about dance that it is contagious! Her energy is so positive you will get a boost just from watching this interview! I certainly did just from talking to her! You might even get up on your feet and try it for yourself (highly recommended if you’re feeling a bit meh at the moment…). I may have had my own little party at home later on that day… shhh!!

So please get psyched for Aurelie Chapelain, dancing queen and proud owner of the beautiful blog!   

In this interview we explore:

  • Aurelie’s amazing journey to becoming the Bachata dancer and blogger that she is today (spoiler alert: she will actually take us on a journey around the world!)
  • What is Bachata
  • The difference between Dominican Republic Bachata and Sensual Bachata
  • What are the benefits of Bachata for someone who is feeling a bit down or depressed
  • How you can use Bachata (or any other dance) to improve your confidence and alleviate depression
  • How to learn Bachata in a COVID-19 world  
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If you have no idea what Bachata is and want a sneak peak, check out Aurelie’s blog where you will find videos of people dancing Bachata (

I look forward to reading your comments so don’t be shy!

Big Love


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3 thoughts on “How Bachata Can Improve Your Confidence And Alleviate Depression”

  1. thank you for sharing your experiences! this subject was very interesting for me because dancing was actually the only thing that could make me smile when I went into depression in 2015…
    I started line dancing and discovered my passion for country music; music has always been a huge part of my life and one of my favorite ways to express emotions… Dancing reconnected me to my inner joy and desire to live; with therapy and dancing, I got back on my feet and then moved to Canada where my passion for country music and dancing exploded in a source of life, energy, self-confidence and happiness!!
    Moreover, like you guys said, I’ve met great people thanks to it and some of them are dear friends now!
    To everyone thinking they can’t dance, I wanna say: if you can move, you can dance! the rest is just a matter of learning! 😉
    So play your favorite song, turn it up and move your body!! 😀

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience Sarah! I have tried line dancing a couple of times and I thought it was great fun.
      We can really feel your passion for it through your comment. It makes me want to dance! Big love to you


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