How Hypnotherapy Can Help Overcome Depression With Gemma Stovold

If you have been following me for a while you will know that hypnotherapy is a topic very dear to my heart. This is the therapy that has helped me heal past traumas and become the healthy person I am today.

So this weekend I invited a friend of mine, Gemma Stovold, to talk to us about what is hypnotherapy, how it works and how it can help you feel better. We also talked about the other benefits of hypnotherapy.

Health warning, we did digress a little into the power of reframing, i.e. changing the script of your story, so that you can see the plus side of a difficult situation, and I ended up sharing in details the story of my miscarriage and how I reframed it to mean something positive to me (28 minutes into the interview).

I hope you will find this interview interesting.

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