How Much Are You Able to Give? By Rosina S Khan

Too many a time we feel immobilized by our own chain of negative thoughts. But instead of focusing on what is not going right or how you can get something, have you ever considered the notion of simply giving? For more insights, read on.Give somebody a call and tell her how much you miss her. Volunteer in your community and raise somebody’s spirits. Help somebody reach home with grocery bags. Send a free book to your subscribers. Contribute books to free eBooks websites online. Contribute old clothes, furniture and kitchen utensils to charity. Make somebody laugh. Compliment somebody on how s/he looks.

These are some of the ways you can give. Not only you make the other person happy but you also become happy and satisfied, giving off happy vibes. The Universe acknowledges them and you are rewarded with the stuff you crave for.

Therefore, the more you give, the more you receive. Teach this simple strategy to everyone you come across including your family. In receiving, naturally you experience joy and happiness. So the next time, you awake from bed in the morning, think of how you can give that very day in accordance with your capacity – no matter how small or how big.

Giving actually implies helping others or meeting their demands. For instance, your little daughter wants to ride on the swings at the local park. You are reluctant at first but finally you give in to your daughter’s constant demands. While she rides safely on the swings, you see a colleague pass by. You call out to him and you start to chitchat. In the conversation that follows with him, he reveals an important job opportunity which rouses your curiosity and enthusiasm. You take your daughter home and apply for the job. Within two weeks, you attend the interview and are selected. Isn’t that cool? In giving entertainment to your daughter, you get the opportunity to land on your dream job. This is a good example of how in giving others some joy, the Universe rewards you further, giving you moments of jubilance.

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Summing up, yes, always think of giving others more than what you want for yourself. In the process you will end up receiving more of what you desire. That’s how life really works. So remember this simple tip. It will work especially when you are bogged down with low spirits and it will raise your spirits higher than ever, making you skyrocket up the ladder of success.

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