How To Improve Your Sleep To Improve Your Mood

Interview with Michelle Chand on how to improve your sleep so that you can improve your mood and your general wellbeing.

Michelle Chand has been my yoga teacher for over 8 years and has supported me through some difficult times. When I came back from Denmark and I was severely depressed, on medication and grieving the loss of my unborn twins, Michelle was there for me and offered me free yoga sessions to help me get back on track.

Since we wanted to talk about sleep, we decided we should do this interview in our pyjamas and in bed!!

In this interview (or rather a good old natter between friends!), Michelle shares with us her latest research on sleep as well as brilliant insights about our sleeping habits and issues. We talked about:

  • what is preventing us from sleeping
  • our sleep cycles
  • the things we think help but don’t
  • how we can improve our sleep (and it is not what you think!)

You can find Michelle’s articles on sleep here:

Michelle currently offers recorded yoga classes that you can follow whenever it suits you. Click here to find out more:

Further resources on sleep:

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