If Only You Believe – Why It Matters By Alexa Keating

Human nature may be defined by two groups, those whose focus is on the probabilities in life and those who dare to focus on the possibilities. The possibility group is always focused on what can be possible while the probability group denies the existence of anything they cannot see, touch or test. For many in the latter group extraordinary events, even miracles are often pooh poohed and mocked. Impossible, they say! And for them it may be.

Our planet has recently entered the outer bands of multi-dimensional energy. The possibility believers will notice the changes first. Things that others called impossible begin to manifest before their eyes! Information and events they have longed for and dreamed of can soon become reality as cures to difficult diseases seem to appear in totally unexpected ways. Information will arrive to those who are seeking answers even though they may not recognize the source, they simply know this may work; and it will. Aging will be dramatically slowed, not by fancy products but by people who learn to move into this new energy. Life spans will be lengthened while the quality of life is greatly enhanced. The physician within will be heard and acknowledged. All these possibilities are likely to be deemed as nonsense, impossible even, by those probability believers. Why does it matter what you believe?

Look carefully at events that have transpired in your own life. Look closely at events that happened to others, events that caused you to search deeply for how it could have happened. Those are the times you were confronted by the differences in what you believe. Colonel Sanders is a great example. This senior citizen may have been the only believer in possibilities, yet he persevered forward to become a household name. The same is true of Mary Kay, a host of artists, authors and even world leaders. Their legacy is defined by what they were willing to believe; they became a part of the rich history of world events. Imagine how different history would have been written if not for these possibility believers!

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What is the real difference in these two groups? Probability believers are severely limited to what they can achieve or become in life. Everyone’s opportunities in life are limited to what they can accept as reality, now or in the future. Those who rebuff possibilities are limited to what they already know, what they already believe is possible. Their focus does not extend beyond ‘practicality’ unless they are forced to seek a miracle. This often happens in doctors’ offices and hospitals where the unthinkable has arrived on their horizon and crashed into their lives. No one knows anything that can help a desperate situation and suddenly, they look beyond the probabilities which are unacceptable.

People who are creative and in touch with harmony and the energy around them are the strongest examples of possibility believers and they affect our lives. They are always on a quest for something new; a new design, a new idea, a new way forward. They can become strong problem solvers because they routinely look beyond the obvious. Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison are among the more famous of those who affected our world because they dared to believe in what might be possible.

If you are willing to remove the self-imposed limits on what might be possible, dispose of the idea that others may find you frivolous or uninformed, you will be poised to take a leap of faith directly into energy that is more magical than we ever dared believe! Obstacles can easily be disposed of while solutions arrive unexpectedly. Miracle shall follow miracle and wonders shall never cease, if only you can believe.

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