Keep Moving Forward Anyway By Steve Wickham

There are times like now when I wonder how to respond. When there’s no explanation for what has taken place. I’m left wondering, without answers, not even knowing the right questions to ask. Situations like these are littered throughout life.

At some point we must ask, ‘What is the point?’

What is the point of despair? What is the point of it, Lord? To keep moving hopefully forward anyway. ‘What point is there, son, to stay in the place of powerlessness or pity? I can do more in you as you bear your pain hopefully, choosing to trust I am still, and always, in control,’ says my Lord, ‘Keep moving forward, anyway.’

The pain won’t kill you…

but it will help you to grow…

if you keep moving forward.

What about betrayal? ‘Well,’ says God, ‘You’ve done it too, haven’t you? Do you not all have the capacity to let people down?’ Why, yes, Lord, is the sound of my response. I have certainly betrayed others. You mean they felt like I do now. It never felt nice. ‘So,’ says God, ‘can you just keep moving forward anyway? I’ll forgive your lapses into feeling hurt, as long as you’ll endeavour to come back to the peace you can only get from me.’ God, you’re so good.

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Disappointment and rejection, well they’re just the pits. And yet, in this world there will be times we don’t get our way, so many we should expect them to occur. Why are we so shocked? ‘Son, why do you expect everything to work out well in this fallen world? Plan for the best, but expect the worst, and you’ll be ready, come what may,’ says God.

If disappointment can’t knock you off course…

and rejection doesn’t reset your identity…

you will recover, and you will endure.

What about these addictive traits of mine, Lord, will You ever heal them? ‘Oh, my son, as you trust in feeling your pain, in the truth I’ve given you from eternity, you will overcome,’ says God, ‘and continue being honest, for in honesty is healing, and in healing is hope.’

‘Do you get the idea yet, my son? Keep moving forward, and you’ll get My work done.’

There is a purpose beyond the pain, a justice beyond the travesty, a love beyond the fear, and we will see all these and more, if we just keep moving forward.

This is all about taking the Lord’s side and remembering that in taking our own side we choose wrong.

It seems counterintuitive to go against ourselves, but to bear the pain of reality whilst we keep moving forward is the greatest wisdom.

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