Life Design: What Are the Benefits of Positive Affirmations? By Sahail Ashraf

Affirmations are easy to use. And if we strip them of any philosophical meaning (like the Law of Attraction stuff) they are simply examples of positive self-talk.

So that means you can use affirmations without feeling like you’re auditioning for a role in the next ‘The Secret’ movie. Positive self talk is a good thing. And it isn’t weird.

The benefits of affirmations

The main thing you have to get your head around is the value affirmations have. Primarily, they are used to rid yourself of limiting beliefs. If you take on the challenge and use affirmations regularly and with full conviction, you’ll also find that they change the way you think.

And that’s the real value.

By changing the way you think over time, you arm yourself. You become resistant to negativity or unhelpful thinking. And the more positive affirmations you have, the better your life will be.

This, of course, works both ways. Too much negative thinking means you’re going to feel bad, then worse, and then you’ll hit rock bottom.

Stress Killer

When you’re under stress, in a social situation for example, positive affirmations are invaluable. They’ll help you fight through the stress and find a way around issues.

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By saying to yourself, ‘I’m funny and charming’, or ‘Everyone here wants to know my story’, you’re coaching yourself. And the more you do it, the more confident you’ll be. And this leads to incredibly positive social experiences.

You think better

If you’re using affirmations, and using them regularly, you’re thinking about thinking. You’re taking charge of your thoughts and becoming more self-aware. This pushes you towards a situation where you are more in control of your mind, as well as more aware of your own needs and desires.

You’ll live longer

Obviously, I can’t guarantee this last one. But some research has shown that people who are optimistic will live longer. Your cardiovascular health will improve, and this means you’ll be more robust, healthy, and it could indeed enhance your life expectancy.

These benefits can be realised as long as you make the use of affirmations a habit. If they’re not done regularly they won’t take hold and change your life.

Make it important to yourself to build in affirmations to your everyday life. Like most habits, this will eventually turn into real, tangible results. Simply find some you like and then make it your goal to focus on them every day.

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