Gratitude Challenge Part 2: The Results


A month ago exactly I set myself the challenge to write in my gratitude journal every day for 30 days. I said I would let you know how it went so here it goes! Although I did not fully complete the challenge (I wrote only 23 days out of 30 – scroll down to find out what went wrong), I am happy to report that I have felt the positive effects of the exercise. Continue reading “Gratitude Challenge Part 2: The Results”

The power of accountability

And how it can help you fight depression

So now that you have read “How to raise your mood when you are feeling low” you know exactly what you need to do to feel better. So why are you not doing it already?

Don’t worry you are not the only one in this case. It is human nature. What you need to get yourself in gear is to be held accountable by someone else. Because we really do not like being that person who say they are going to do things and do not do it. And that is human nature too.

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How to raise your mood when you are feeling low


Anyone who has ever suffered from depression knows that the hardest part is to break the feeling low cycle. You feel low. You do things that comfort you at the time (like staying in bed crying all day, eating, smoking, drinking…). But these things are in fact bad for you and make you feel worse. And so you do feel worse. Which is why you do more these things that comfort you but are bad for you. Which makes you feel even worse. And so on.

Yes, you know what I am talking about. Continue reading “How to raise your mood when you are feeling low”

7 Expert tips to survive Christmas with your family

Christmas is a merry time of year! Well, not for everyone… If you suffer from depression you might find that Christmas might make you feel even lower due to the general pressure that you should be happy at Christmas and you should be celebrating. On top of that you are likely to see  some members of your family that you wouldn’t want to spend time with usually, like this auntie who is going to ask you when you are going to get married and have children “because you know…you are not getting any younger!”

Or they might just point out this one thing in your life that isn’t quite how you would like it to be and makes you feel worse anyway.

So here are my tips to not let any of that get to you and allow you to actually enjoy Christmas this year! Continue reading “7 Expert tips to survive Christmas with your family”

I AM worth it! And so are YOU!

Guest post by Sheleen from the blog

How is it possible to care for someone else, if you can’t even take care of yourself?!

This is something I hear people saying all the time. I just didn’t get it! What do you mean take care of myself?! I’m a selfless person, I give. That’s just what I do. I don’t do me I do them.

Yeah right! Until the point where I completely burnt myself out. Maybe it’s part of the reason I became ill myself. Thinking that the people I was looking after came before me.

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