Stress Overload and ME/CFS By Anne O’Dwyer

According to ME Research there are 17 million ME/CFS sufferers worldwide.Several years ago, my sister, who had been suffering for years from ME/CFS until she discovered a course by a Harley Street doctor, Ashok Gupter. She bought the course and over a period of time, by following the instructions returned to good health.

I was impressed by her progress from bed ridden to good health. I have always interested in the amazing brain power we all possess when it is directed in the right direction.

My brother had suffered from ill-health for many years and I thought the exercises might help him too and so I also bought a course – which consisted of a manual and DVD’s.

Having had a very stressful time in the last few years I decided it was time to take out the manual and re-read it myself. The results have been amazing. I have reprogrammed my negative thinking in a matter of days and feel fantastic. I had “forgotten” how to smile, and could only see the black-side of ill-health and everything else. I had no energy or zest for living. In a matter of days I feel transformed into my former self!

These days with the health service so stretched it is difficult to see a doctor, or at least time to talk, when you are finally there; or you see different GP’s every time and have to give a brief history and have no continuity. Whilst they are all doing the best they can to help people, the service isn’t what it used to be with a family doctor who you felt comfortable with. People are now turning to alternative solutions or the internet for help.

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So anyone feeling seriously overwhelmed by life’s problems or with ME/CFS might well benefit from the support given by this course. You certainly feel you are not alone in your misery and that there is a way out.

The course isn’t cheap, as you would expect from a Harley Street practitioner but there was a refund policy, and to me it is well worth the cost. It has made a huge difference to my life and I didn’t even have ME, which is what it was designed for.

Basically the course directs you to reprogram the way your Amygdula (part of the brain structure) deals with stress overload and how to re-program it. Also how inadvertently you are making your-self more and more stressed by your negative thoughts and fears.

All I can say is it helped my sister return to health and certainly helped me following a very stressful period. You will find critical comments on the internet but I am pleased to have bought and studied the course. I now feel ready to return to my online business and get my life back on-track after several false starts.

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