We All Are Self-Hypnotized By Andrea Scarsi

We are all self-hypnotized, each and every one of us in their own way, some more and some less, but we all have our constant thoughts, those repeated every day more or less continuously, and our constant beliefs, those for which we fight and defend. Our self-hypnosis is what we believe we are and we keep it stable and reinforce it, repeatedly reminding it to ourselves through recurring repetitions. I am this, I am that, I am rich, I am poor, I am invincible, I will never make it, money is the root of evil. Continue reading “We All Are Self-Hypnotized By Andrea Scarsi”

If Only You Believe – Why It Matters By Alexa Keating

Human nature may be defined by two groups, those whose focus is on the probabilities in life and those who dare to focus on the possibilities. The possibility group is always focused on what can be possible while the probability group denies the existence of anything they cannot see, touch or test. For many in the latter group extraordinary events, even miracles are often pooh poohed and mocked. Impossible, they say! And for them it may be. Continue reading “If Only You Believe – Why It Matters By Alexa Keating”