The Purpose Of Our Life Is To Contribute By Andrea Scarsi

The purpose of our life is to contribute to helping us all to grow as conscious and responsible human beings, and this includes guiding us to discover and accept the purpose of our life; inspiring us to feel more motivation, energy, and passion; helping us to abandon weakening relationships and attitudes, and building a loving support network. We also teach ourselves to achieve a stable financial abundance by doing what we love to do and encourage us to make an authentic contribution to humanity and life in general; to finally experience the kind of reality that we always knew was our destiny to live. We are here to express and share our creative gifts and talents, to give and receive love, and be happy. Continue reading “The Purpose Of Our Life Is To Contribute By Andrea Scarsi”

What Is And What Is Not Self-Esteem? By Andrea Scarsi

Self-esteem is how we evaluate ourselves; it is the way we perceive our value in the world and how much importance we think we have for others. Self-esteem influences our trust in others, in our relationships, and work; practically in almost every side of our life. Positive self-esteem gives us the strength and flexibility to take charge of our lives and grow from our mistakes, without the fear of rejection. Continue reading “What Is And What Is Not Self-Esteem? By Andrea Scarsi”

We All Are Self-Hypnotized By Andrea Scarsi

We are all self-hypnotized, each and every one of us in their own way, some more and some less, but we all have our constant thoughts, those repeated every day more or less continuously, and our constant beliefs, those for which we fight and defend. Our self-hypnosis is what we believe we are and we keep it stable and reinforce it, repeatedly reminding it to ourselves through recurring repetitions. I am this, I am that, I am rich, I am poor, I am invincible, I will never make it, money is the root of evil. Continue reading “We All Are Self-Hypnotized By Andrea Scarsi”