Louise Hay Affirmations


I have personally used Louise Hay affirmations over and over again when I needed a boost. Affirmations are a powerful tool to shift your mindset. Here is why.

What are affirmations all about

When we start our lives, our minds are blank canvases. These canvases are slowly painted by our environment. Our families and societies teach us how we should behave and think. Unfortunately, many of these teachings turn into conditionements that are limiting our way of thinking and preventing us from living our best lives.

Here is a basic example. You believe that you are fat even though you are a size 10. It is probable that someone has either told you that you were fat your entire life or that you had a role model growing up who was obessed with being super skinny.

How to use affirmations to shift your mindset

One way to shift your mindset using affirmations would be to focus on the feeling you wish to reach (in our example, maybe being happy with your body) and reciting a positive affirmation that aligns with the feeling you want to reach.

Important point to note! This will not work if you do not believe the affirmation. In our example it might be too much of a stretch to go from ‘I feel fat’ to ‘I feel I am the perfect weight’. You might need to work in stages and start with ‘I am not as fat as I think I am’.

The best way to use affirmations is to write them yourself to ensure you believe them. You can read more on limiting beliefs here.

How to use Louise Hay affirmations

All that said you can also just listen to Louise Hay affirmations regularly. In the same way that we end up believing negative things that people have told us over and over again, if we listen to positive things everyday they will eventually sink in.

If you want to know more about Louise Hay, I highly recommand her book You Can Heal Your Life.

I would recommend you play this while falling asleep so it goes straight into your brain. Enjoy 🙂