On the importance of Self-care to overcome depression with Sheleen Johnson

Today I introduce you to self-care coach Sheleen Johnson to discuss how self-care can help people experiencing depression.

We covered self-care (what it is and what it isn’t), burn-out and how to prevent it, how to care for yourself when you are feeling down.

I hope you will enjoy this interview.

To reach Sheleen:

https://www.dansmapeau.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/feelgoodaboutyouwithsheleen/

There Is A Difference Between Needing Help And Being Ready For Help by Oliver JR Cooper

Difference Between Needing Help And Being Ready For Help

When I was l watching one of the live video calls that I did with Errol Campbell, there was something that he said at the end that stood out. He basically said that the people who were watching the video were free to share it with those who were ready, not those who simply needed it.
Hearing this made me think about how there is a huge difference between needing assistance and being ready for assistance. The difference is almost as big as the disparity between needing it and not needing it.

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