Depression: Can Someone’s Inner Critic Cause Them To Feel Depressed? By Oliver JR Cooper

In the same way that a child will most likely perform a task better if their parent is speaking to them in a supportive manner, an adult is also likely to be able to perform a task better if they are talking themselves in a supportive manner. Not only this, it will be a lot easier for them to do well in general is this is how they typically talk to themselves.

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How depression can mess with your love life and how to stop it from happening

How depression can mess with your love life

Has depression ever impacted your love life? Have you ever met someone amazing, that one person that seems to be ticking all of your boxes, but for some strange reason out of the blue you start panicking? That horrible internal voice kicks in and tells you that you don’t deserve that person. That person is too good for you. That person is too amazing. You are not playing in the same league. And if you persevere you are going to get hurt. Because why would someone so amazing want to be with insecure you?  

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