8 Tips To Cope With Very Bad News By Jessica J Lockhart

It’s not easy. It’s never easy. And nothing can really help you forget the situation. But there are a few little tricks that might somehow soothe you or make you find some extra strength and there are some other things that you should try and avoid in order to not feel even worse.

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Who’s In Charge In Your Life? by Jessica J Lockhart

Who's In Charge In Your Life? by Jessica J Lockhart

Whatever we chose to do in life, we chose it because we expect to gain something in exchange. If I snap at my daughter when she does something wrong, I do it because I expect her to change her behavior. When I let others tell me what to do, I accept it because I expect them to guide me better than I would. When I drink too much it is because I want to forget or have fun. We all do it. We do things because we expect rewards: good ones or bad ones, pleasure or pain. We do things to obtain pleasure. We do things to avoid pain. We provoke situations that will hopefully yield what we think we want or need. A baby cries when asking for something. An adult insults, teases or praises others because he or she wants something, too.

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