6 Vital Tips To Cope With Living Alone Right Now

6 Vital Tips To Cope With Living Alone Right Now

If like me you are living alone without a support bubble, you might be feeling the lockdown! And yes, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a few months before life returns to normal. So I thought it was still worth sharing with you my best … Read more

Interview with Nikoletta Varvolgyi on how dating can impact your mental health

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am bringing you Nikoletta Varvolgyi, transformational dating coach, to discuss the impact of dating on your mental health and to give you practical tips to feel better and improve your dating life. We covered a lot of grounds, from loneliness to dealing with rejection, via what an attractive online dating profile looks like. If you want to find out more here are a few useful links:

Nikoletta’s ebook: www.getmyloveguide.com

Nikoletta’s Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/FearlessLadiesOfLoveAndDating/

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