What If You Could Control An Illness With Your Mind? By Nicole Lawler

Most people are very well-aware of the power of suggestion. There is scientific proof that we have the potential to use our minds to heal us of illness. What was once considered pseudoscience is no longer. An example of this is the placebo effect.

As stated in an article from Harvard Men’s Health Watch called The Power of the Placebo Effect, “Your mind can be a powerful healing tool when given the chance. The idea that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is the real thing – the so-called placebo effect – and thus stimulate healing has been around for millennia. Now science has found that under the right circumstances, a placebo can be just as effective as traditional treatments.” So in essence, the placebo forms the suggestion that the body can heal, which then creates the intention for the body to heal itself. And everything that we experience in life begins first with an intention.

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