Interview with Cath Brown expert on emotional eating

I would like to share with you my interview with Cath Brown, founder of Catharsis Coach. They help stressed out women overcome their struggles with emotional eating 🍔🍕🍨🍰🍭🍩🍪🍷 As you know I really believe that what you eat impact your mental health. This is why I wanted to discuss this with an actual expert! 😎 I learned tones from doing this interview. Hopefully you will find it useful! Let me know in the comments what you thought! Big Love 💕

Depression, Low-Blood Sugar and Allergies By Doug Setter

How much of depression is biochemical? How much is psychological?

Well, the mind can effect the biochemistry of the body and vice versa. In her book, Seven Weeks to Sobriety, researcher, Dr. Joan Mathews Larson describes the frequency that hypoglycemics experience certain symptoms:

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