If You Want To Live Without Fear, Trust That Every Outcome In Life Is Perfect By Tony Fahkry

Life Is A Process, Not An Event

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have any fears, do you? Knowing this, it begs asking: What are your predominant fears? Are you aware of them? In order to live without fear, we must trust whatever outcome arises in life is perfectly orchestrated for our highest good. I’m reminded of a delightful tale by the late spiritual teacher and psychotherapist Anthony de Mello who explains that while fear protects us, it also keeps us trapped and insecure: “How shall I rid myself of fear?” “How can you rid yourself of what you cling to?” “You mean I actually cling to my fears? I disagree.” “Consider what your fear protects you from and you will agree! And you will see your folly.”

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Why The Greatest Mistake Is To Believe We Are Powerless And Without A Choice By Tony Fahkry

Cultivate Our Power Through Informed Choices

Do you believe you have the power to influence your life? Or do you consider yourself dragged along by life’s forces? This is an important question because your beliefs will dictate how your life plays out. For instance, I was talking with a friend recently who mentioned how they’ve never made a conscious choice about the direction of their life. They were merely showing up every day hoping life plays out in their favour. What struck me about the conversation is that many people are convinced they are powerless to create their life circumstances, preferring to leave it to chance. That is, they have not learned how to consciously create ideal conditions for their life. Similarly, many consider life is separate to them and that irrespective of their choices, things don’t always work out as planned. I find this interesting because it highlights the power of our beliefs.

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How To Love Yourself Through The Difficult Times When There’s Little Growth by Tony Fahkry

How To Love Yourself Through The Difficult Times When There's Little Growth by Tony Fahkry

The way we treat ourselves in difficult moments says a lot about who we are. It’s easy to be on top of the world when things are going right and we want to hold on to this feeling hoping it will last forever. Yet when it doesn’t, it feels like we’re bound to train tracks with an oncoming train headed our way and unable to move.

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