Taking Charge and Moving Into Happiness By Tracy Wills Todaro

Now that you have become aware of some of the obstacles that are holding you back from your true happiness, hopefully you are now able to notice, accept, and understand that you CAN change your reality. In order to change that reality, you must first change your thoughts and your words by taking charge of your life.One of the best bits of wisdom I have learned is from Esther Hicks is when she said, “Think only thoughts that feel good and talk only about what you want.” Since we know thoughts and words become emotions, and emotions send off a vibration, you can now understand how you have created your current reality. With the programing that we have and the manner in which our mind operates, it is no wonder that we have made life so difficult at times.

We may have been used to a life of suffering, victimhood or martyrdom. We may have told ourselves to stay small, live in lack or settle for less. Some of us have become accustomed to feeling bad. Now that you know this does not have to be your reality any longer, it is time to take charge and turn your life around.

Start with just noticing your thoughts and feelings on a regular basis. It is a great beginning to taking control. When you make a conscious effort to surround yourself with people whom you enjoy, begin talking about things that make you happy, and think about things that feel good, you can’t help but start to notice a shift.

You may still have blocks and triggers that make you feel uncomfortable and that is perfectly normal. What you don’t want to do is to dwell on them. Don’t call a friend and start complaining and tell your story 10 more times. Simply find something else to talk or think about that makes you feels better. I still get uneasy thinking about money on occasion and it can create some discomfort. When that happens, I simply think about my wonderful life and the blessings that I DO have such as my husband, my kids, my home, my car, and any other happy memories. If thinking about a work assignment gives you anxiety, simply give yourself a break to focus on something else until you are in a calmer place and can put things in to perspective.

It is funny how we are programmed to live in a place of negativity. I was thinking how while I was growing up, and even now, the adults were always telling us what not to do and the negative things that could happen if we did do it. “Don’t run in the street or you will get hit by a car”, “Don’t spend your money or you will end up broke”. Why not, “stay on the sidewalk where you are safe”, or “save your money so you can build your savings”? I know I was guilty of it as a parent myself. According to a UCLA study, the average toddler hears the word “NO” up to 400 times in a day. Clearly we have been trained to think that we must focus on what not to do or what we don’t want.

What we need to do is start focusing on what we DO want. We all know what we don’t want and that is usually what we talk about. Our society is focused on anti-war, terrorism, fighting diseases, and fighting hunger. Ironically, this is what the world keeps manifesting – war, terrorist attacks, disease and famine! So start talking about what you do want. The Universe / Source only hears what you are saying and does not hear the negative. If you say you don’t want to be fat, it hears FAT. If you say you don’t want to be broke, it hears BROKE. Start saying that you want to be thin, healthy, wealthy and successful, as well as happy and fulfilled. If you don’t feel well, state that you are starting to feel great. Stop complaining!! Put the words in to the Universe that will bring you exactly what you want.

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When you catch your thoughts going to a negative place, simply change the directions of your mind. Don’t spiral down the proverbial “rabbit hole”. If you can start thinking about anything that you can be grateful for such as a roof over your head, running water and food in the pantry, you can start to change the direction of your focus. Sometimes, if I can’t bring myself to be grateful of anything in the moment, I will just repeat the phrase I stated above: “Think only thoughts that feel good and talk only about what you want.” This gets your focus off the negative and starts retraining your brain.

It is so important to become aware of the impact that self-talk has on you. The Law of Attraction will not judge what you are saying, it will only respond to your words. Make a pact with yourself that you will no longer:

• Focus on what is wrong
• Complain
• Criticize, judge and gossip
• Avoid responsibility and blame others
• Speak hurtful or negative words

Words carry their own vibration, and you can tell by just speaking them. See how much better you feel when you say these words: love, compassion, joy, peace, happiness, amazing, abundance, yes, beautiful, delicious, grateful. You can feel your vibration rise.

There was an experiment done by Dr. Masaru Emoto in the 1990’s where he observed the physical effect of words, prayers, music and environments on the crystalline structure of water. If you have not seen the results of this, it is fascinating and clearly shows the powerful effects of what we put out so search the video on the internet.

Learn to focus on the positive and watch how your life and the people that surround you will change. You will notice negative people slowly fall away from your inner circle and new happier people will start to appear. Good things will start to happen and you may even notice little miracles. I had someone in front of me in line pay for my coffee at the convenience store for no reason today. Watch these little things happen, have gratitude and start moving into your own happiness.

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