The Chemical That Improves Your Mental Health By William T Batten

If you are feeling tense, stressed and strung out for no reason, then something in your life is unbalanced. Tension should rise in the face of challenges, then quickly drain away. If it doesn’t, then something is amiss.

Now, this could have a psychological cause. If you spend all day fixating on what can go wrong, then of course you’re going to be in this state.

But what causes this fixation in the first place?

Poor habits of thinking?


Or maybe the cause is chemical. The brain is a sophisticated electrochemical system, after all. Perhaps the machine is out of alignment. Because there is a neurotransmitter that helps you feel calm, relaxed and stable. Its absence leads to a range of concerns, ranging from mental illness to addiction. With it, though, everything in your mind flows smoothly.

This sounds like a worthy chemical to know.

It’s gamma-Aminobutyric acid, affectionately known as GABA.

GABA is a neat little neurotransmitter that improves your mood, keeps you feeling good and helps you sleep at night. Excess levels don’t seem to cause any harm, but deficiencies can create havoc. So when in doubt, boost your levels.

Naturally, your diet plays a role. If you’re eating a healthy range of nuts, fruit and vegetables, then you should be fine.

(If you’re not eating like this, then it’s no wonder you might not feel amazing. Look into that.)

You can consider supplements. I’d talk to a medical professional first though. Using supplements to get what your diet should provide is a risky move.

So assuming that your diet’s fine, how else could you boost your GABA levels?

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By doing anything that calms and centres you.

Light exercise, meditation and hypnosis are perfect candidates.

And, in my professional but incredibly biased opinion, hypnosis is the most perfect. Why? I’m a huge fan of virtuous cycles. Entering a hypnotic state relaxes you, which boosts your GABA levels, which draws you deeper into the hypnotic state…

There’s nothing easier than running a feedback loop. With a little practice, you can cultivate a relaxed and centred mind in just a few minutes. Intention and chemistry, working together to sculpt your consciousness within moments.

Looping around a chemical that has no side effects and makes you feel amazing… all in the most natural way possible… all while strengthening your mind against mental illness…

Well, it’d be ridiculous not to want to try it.

Experiencing hypnosis can be as simple as clicking a few buttons, sitting back and listening to some audios. It’s simple, natural, fun and relaxing. And, you’re only a few moments away from enjoying everything it brings.

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