The Purpose Of Our Life Is To Contribute By Andrea Scarsi

The purpose of our life is to contribute to helping us all to grow as conscious and responsible human beings, and this includes guiding us to discover and accept the purpose of our life; inspiring us to feel more motivation, energy, and passion; helping us to abandon weakening relationships and attitudes, and building a loving support network. We also teach ourselves to achieve a stable financial abundance by doing what we love to do and encourage us to make an authentic contribution to humanity and life in general; to finally experience the kind of reality that we always knew was our destiny to live. We are here to express and share our creative gifts and talents, to give and receive love, and be happy.

It merely takes the time it takes, as for any growth, and we can certainly get where we already are, and expand happily to infinity. All the resources that we’re collecting, such as techniques, books, situations, friends, and Masters, are to support us to make conscious decisions on our path of personal development and give us the courage to carry them forward. It means having the maturity to take 100% responsibility for our health, career, finances, relationships, emotions, habits, and spiritual beliefs. To succeed in this endeavour requires us to take an in-depth look inside ourselves and consciously decide what kind of person we are, in our intimacy, and make sure that our outer reality corresponds to the inner one.

The purpose of life is to facilitate us to achieve extraordinary efficiency, maintaining the perfect energy balance, where our thoughts, feelings, actions, emotions, and skills work together to create the individual and universal reality that we surely desire and deserve. Personal development is not hard work; it takes only perseverance and patience. If we look for quick and superficial solutions, and we have no real interest in a continuous and lasting personal evolution, we can also take the suggestions given to us for our contingent situations, even if all the available information is specific to those who care about individual and spiritual growth and undertakes to note and implement them.

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Life encourages us to live more consciously, to find the courage to face the inconvenient sides of our journey, and to solve the profound problems that we have not yet had the opportunity, time, desire, and strength to resolve. It invites us to share practical, simple, and useful ideas to make essential changes to our way of being and seeing things, all things, small and large, and align ourselves with our destiny to begin to live our full potential. It teaches us that perfection is already in place, but that is not the point. The point is that we succeed, definitively and happily, to place ourselves in a good life-path of practice and positive growth, the path of our soul, where we indeed find all the necessary support for our journey of spiritual evolution.

Andrea Scarsi (Sandesh) is a mystic writer and musician and a spiritual counsellor who uses his works to share a dimension of being and lifestyle that is based on meditation and communion with the absolute. Born in Venice, Italy, in 1955, in the years he deepens different meditative techniques for awakening consciousness, energy balancing and personal evolution that he practices and teaches. Check out his work and books at Books by Andrea Scarsi.

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