Timely Tips for a Grounding, Refreshing and Energizing Morning Ritual By Paula Eder

Your morning ritual is a special promise you make to yourself. And while the promise is important, it’s KEEPING that promise that builds self-trust and sustains you.

In solitude, and in the promises you make and keep, you craft a bridge between your essential self and the challenges you meet as you go about your day.

For a morning ritual that refreshes you, try these five tips:

TIP #1

Sow the seeds for a fulfilling morning ritual the night before.

Your subconscious drinks in positive suggestions as you drift off to sleep. So envision being fully immersed in the pleasure of your morning ritual as you end your day. Allow the pleasure to soften the edges of the day you are ending. You’ll emerge from sleep more refreshed and prepared for your special time.

TIP #2

Create a rewarding intention for your ritual each morning.

It is a simple way to affirm your power to bring happiness into your day. Begin your morning ritual describing just how you would like to support yourself.

Allow your intention to keep you focused on your quality of presence to yourself. And at the end, validate your self-caring and respect.

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TIP #3

Savor the benefits of your morning ritual and assimilate them.

You consistently enhance your pleasure in life by consciously taking in and retaining the bright moments.

At the end of your ritual, pause for a few moments and reflect:

·         How has this ritual helped you?

·         What would you like to take forward into your day?

This review takes no more than a minute or two. Yet it helps you bring your best energies into the upcoming day.

TIP #4

Let your morning ritual deepen your relationship with your essential self.

Within you resides a wellspring of tranquility and self-esteem. This is where you feel most centered and draw upon fresh reserves of energy. Following your breath, travel inside.

As you settle in, nourish yourself with what sustains you. By relating deeply to your essential self every morning, you enrich your day.

TIP #5

Let your ritual honor your most meaningful choices.

What makes you who you are? Do you follow a thread of purpose that steadies you in difficult times? Rituals can be opportunities to reflect on these questions. Let answers arise naturally. Images may float up, as well. Let your intuition guide you.

Fully appreciate who you are. Consider spending a few minutes in front of the mirror. What do you need to hear today? Tell yourself, and take it in.

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