We All Are Self-Hypnotized By Andrea Scarsi

We are all self-hypnotized, each and every one of us in their own way, some more and some less, but we all have our constant thoughts, those repeated every day more or less continuously, and our constant beliefs, those for which we fight and defend. Our self-hypnosis is what we believe we are and we keep it stable and reinforce it, repeatedly reminding it to ourselves through recurring repetitions. I am this, I am that, I am rich, I am poor, I am invincible, I will never make it, money is the root of evil.
There is no escape; we are all in it, only in a different percentage way. This percentage of involvement in our self-hypnosis is determined by our level of consciousness, which means how aware we are to be in it. We clearly notice it when, for example, we listen to those who state their status with authority: I will never be rich because those who are rich have stolen, or, politicians are all thieves, or, I’ll never be successful because I do not want to drop my pants in front of anyone.
Without judging the extent of each one’s self-affirmation – which is irrelevant because whatever it is, it is a cage – we simply notice that this is a universal occurrence, at least in the realm of the human’s mind: I’m better than everyone because I made millions. I’m better than everyone because I’m poor and I’ve never stolen.
The percentage varies according to awareness. Those of us who know this mechanism and recognize it when it takes action in themselves, can also take distance from it, perhaps just for a fraction of a second, but that’s enough because when we observe it we’re no longer identified with it and enjoy a micro-moment of freedom. Who cannot observe it, is totally identified with it and, alas, at the moment at least has no possibility of redemption.
Moreover, those who are able to observe it have another option in their hands, that of using this identification to their advantage, which is to exploit for their own interests – even these part of a self-hypnosis – who is totally or almost, prey of their own, others and universal emotional waves, and is submerged.
How do you take advantage of our personal hypnosis – you might ask – when we are totally involved and stable in our belief that we are what we are? It is quite simple, I seduce you by inflating your conviction and then I insert it into mine, making you do what I want since you’re still convinced to be within yours. When we are in it, we cannot see outside. We are one with the illusion.
The fact is that we are not this and not even that. Basically, we are not the game but players and players play any game following the rules of the game. If we do not know the rules, we play badly or we do not play at all, perhaps believing to play and even well or cunningly. But those who know the rules know it and make of us what they want.
The only way to know the rules and play well is to observe, learn and apply them, associating with those who know more than us at the moment, to speed up the process of learning and practice and create a fracture in the bubble of our self-hypnosis.
But when we walk alone, the path is sometimes longer; how do we know that who we associate with is not taking advantage of our level of consciousness? There is only one way: observing, learning and applying. The only way out is the way in. And who knows, maybe we are the greatest puppeteers of all time.
Dr. Andrea Scarsi (Sandesh) is a mystic writer and musician who uses his works to share a dimension of being and lifestyle that are based on meditation and communion with the absolute. Born in Venice, Italy, in 1955, he begins at fifteen to practice yoga, spiritualism, and telepathy and at twenty-four he consciously enters the world of meditation. Over time he deepens different meditative techniques for awakening consciousness, energy balancing and personal evolution that he practices and teaches leading groups, sessions, conferences, mantra chanting, retreats and meetings in truth, in Italy, India and the world. Doctor of Metaphysical Science, Holistic Life Coach, Reiki Grand Master, and Master of Crystals, Shamanism, Karuna Reiki®, and Meditation, he’s married to Ma Advaita Krisana and resides in Venice, Italy. Check out his websites at Books by Andrea Scarsi to come in touch with your inner self.
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