Why you should get yourself a mini-trampoline

As you guys should know by now, I am a fan of personal development and all things coaching related. I have even managed to get myself certified as a life coach recently – who would have thought!

Back in April I attended the Ultimate Leadership Programme from Ed J C Smith. In one of the Q&A Ed shared with us his morning routine and told us he was starting his day every day by bouncing on a trampoline for 10 minutes.

Now this statement might sounds strange to most people but not so much to people versed into personal development. Indeed, many famous coaches, like Tony Robbins, have also included bouncing in their morning routine.  “But why?!” you may ask. 

Well, it happens that jumping on a trampoline has many not-so-well-known health benefits. I have been looking into them for you so here they are.


  1. Increases your energy and sense of vitality
  2. Stimulates your metabolism
  3. Increases your oxygen capacity
  4. Improves your sense of balance
  5. Increases oxygen circulation to tissues
  6. Improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands
  7. Strengthens the heart
  8. Firms and tones the muscles
  9. Is good for your mental health as it keeps people happy and therefore helps fight depression
  10. Has a lower impact on the body than running so there are less risks of strain
  11. Is perfect for people recuperating from accidents or injuries or for those who have been sedentary and are starting an exercise programme
  12. For 10 minutes is the same as running for 30 minutes


Sounds pretty good right? I would add to this list that the minute you step on a trampoline you start smiling because it makes you feel like you are a child again. And that is the best feeling in the world. Ok maybe not THE best feeling in the world, but still it is quite a good one.   


Also an indoor mini-trampoline is reasonably cheap. You can get one from about £20 which much cheaper than a gym membership.

You should also know that an indoor mini-trampoline takes very little room and some of them are even foldable. Here is the one that I picked: my trampoline. It is not foldable but then it doesn’t need to be as it is used every single day several times a day. And it is a great ice-breaker the first time people walk into the lounge.  

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So, how to include bouncing in your day? Personally I have found that the following worked for me:

  • Morning routine
    • Ideally this is how I start my day:
      • I get up and get into some comfy clothes
      • Prepare a cup of warm water and lemon juice
      • Bounce for 10 minutes while watching the squirrels that live in the tree behind my flat and doing my gratitude session (we will discuss the benefits of having a gratitude session every day in another post as this is a huge subject in itself)
      • Shower
      • Breakfast
      • Get on with some work – sadly I can’t just bounce all day!
  • Pick-me up breaks throughout the day
    • As mentioned above bouncing increases your energy level. So instead of having another coffee when you start feeling your energy going down, it would be more beneficial to jump on your trampoline for a few minutes to get this energy back up. This is a trick that is being used by many people, especially coaches. When I was attending the Change retreat of Matthew Hussey, we did not have breaks. Instead Matthew would get us to stand up and make us dance! Well, I can tell you that that definitely works better than coffee! Jumping on a trampoline is the same principle. When you start feeling tired, what you need to do is move.

Did you know that Google does have trampoline available for its staff? As usual tech companies are in advance when it comes to looking after their staff wellbeing so it is not surprising to hear that they got there first too.

Sadly the company I work for right now is not quite so innovative… I have campaigned for having a trampoline in the office for a little while but so far unsuccessfully. I will let you know if I ever manage to make this happen. I haven’t quite said my last word on this yet!

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