You Can Only Help Someone, Who Wants Your Help – But Do Your Best! By Richard Brody

Many people possess certain, specific, emotional, and/ or mental issues, which, if left unaddressed, often, become far more severe, challenging, and potentially, dangerous. Whether this stems from some mood disorder, anger issues, being bipolar (to a minor or major degree), or anything else, the reality is, we can only help someone else, no matter how much we care about, or love them, or really want to help them, if, and when, they want the help, and make the decision, to enhance their personal existence.
This has become increasingly complicated by the escalating opioid, and other addiction – based, issues, we are witnessing, today. Those who want to help, often, end – up, blaming themselves, for the problems of others, which serves little benefit, to either individual. This is often, challenging, both to the potential helper, as well as afflicted individual. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, review, and discuss, a few of the considerations, etc.

1. Objective introspection: Only when both parties are open – enough, to be, truly, objective and introspective, do the prospects, for healing, become enhanced! First, someone must be ready, willing and able, to realize, and recognize, he has a problem, and makes a decision, he, both, needs, and wants help, to address it. How can anyone help another, if the individual isn’t willing to accept it? This sounds easier than it, often is, and often, takes a considerable period of time, and often, distressing occurrences, for everyone, to open – their – eyes, to the issues!

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2. What is the issue?: Although, it might appear, somewhat obvious, someone has certain issues, it is wise to consult a highly recommended, mental health professional, sooner, rather than later. Sometimes, the so – called, cure, or solution, may be a somewhat, simple, non – invasive one, while certain other conditions, and causes, might require appropriate medications.

3. Early intervention: Most of us make the error of believing, someone, will grow, out – of – it! While some might, actually, be able, to do so, often, an early sign, when addressed at an early stage, may prevent serious, far more dangerous/ challenging issues, later in life! Many addictions occur, because someone’s previous challenges, have made them, more, in danger, of becoming addicted. However, there is no simplistic solution, but, an ounce, of prevention, early – on, might make a world, of difference, and, perhaps, save someone else’s life!

Are you ready to become a real friend, for someone in need? It might be difficult and/ or challenging, but it may be, the ultimate, highest personal calling!

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