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Originally from suburban Paris I moved to the UK when I was 24 to take up my first job on qualification as an in-house commercial lawyer. Since then I have done two 18 months stints ‘abroad’: one in Paris in 2006-2007 and one in Aalborg, Denmark in 2014-2015, but always came back to the UK.

I have had depression since I was 14 triggered by a  trauma when I was 12 (yes, I am very slow at processing my emotions!!). Even thought I attempted suicide twice at age 14 and 19, I refused to acknowledge my condition until I found myself feeling suicidal again at age 23.

This was the turning point when I chose life and started my first therapy.

Even though I only spent 3 months in therapy at the time it must have worked on some level because I then went on living depression free for 8 years.

Sadly over 2010 and 2011 my world was turned upside down by a serie of losses and depression started creeping back. As any reasonable person would do I totally ignored it, and chose to focus on my career, which brought me to accept a long term assignment in northern Denmark.

This is where, half-way through the assignment and away from my support network, things came crashing down and I could no longer ignore my symptoms as I had returned to the worse place there is, where you cry everyday and plan your suicide. I started therapy again and after a few weeks 3 successive losses (my unborn twins and my grandmother) woke me up from my depression.  Those events shook me out of my condition like nothing before and this is when I decided to really look after myself and climb out of the hole again.

Since then I have followed the recommended long term therapy and was on medication for 18 months. However I felt stuck in traditional therapy so I decided to move on to hypnotherapy which worked extremely well for me. I came off the medication in July 2017 as I felt a lot better and I believe I am now able to manage my depression myself through a healthy lifestyle.

I have heavily researched depression and how to manage it over the last few years as I could not come to term with being in therapy and on medication for the rest of my life and I have discovered many interesting tools such as yoga, Ayurveda, diet, hypnosis and NLP.

I have decided to share all of these with you via this blog and as I continue to experiment I will continue to share with you what works and what doesn’t work for me.

I hope you will find the blog useful.

Emilie Marie Berge

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