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Learning how to overcome depression naturally so I could enjoy life to the fullest has been my journey for most of my life.   

I experienced severe depression on and off from age 12 to 37. When I was 35, a therapist told me that depression would always be in me and that I had to learn to manage it. But I rejected this condamnation. I knew there was another way because I had lived a depression free life from age 24 to 31.

So I started researching alternative ways to overcome depression naturally, which soon turns into a beautiful personal development journey. I discovered how to support my mental health through making changes to my lifestyle. This included the importance of a daily routine, regular exercise, the impact of food on mood. But I also learned how to manage stress, conflict and most importantly how to manage my emotions.

The tools that have helped me the most wre meditation, gratitude and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I discussed this topics with experts for a deeper understanding

From this experience I created my own tool box, full of tools to overcome depression naturally. This is what I share with you on this blog.

I have been depression free since 2017 and I am grateful for this every single day. Even when life gets tough I no longer fall back into my old patterns, because I now know how to handle life hurdles. My mission is to help you achieve the same.

To help you find a happier version of you, let’s start here

Emilie Marie Berge

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