How Hypnotherapy Can Help Overcome Depression With Gemma Stovold

If you have been following me for a while you will know that hypnotherapy is a topic very dear to my heart. This is the therapy that has helped me heal past traumas and become the healthy person I am today.

So this weekend I invited a friend of mine, Gemma Stovold, to talk to us about what is hypnotherapy, how it works and how it can help you feel better. We also talked about the other benefits of hypnotherapy.

Health warning, we did digress a little into the power of reframing, i.e. changing the script of your story, so that you can see the plus side of a difficult situation, and I ended up sharing in details the story of my miscarriage and how I reframed it to mean something positive to me (28 minutes into the interview).

I hope you will find this interview interesting.

To get in touch with Gemma or find out more about hypnotherapy:

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How Singing Can Help Relieve Depression With Sarah Joyce

This weekend I had the pleasure to interview my singing teacher Sarah Joyce.

We talked about her own journey as a performer and how our voice is linked our mental state. We also discussed negative self-talk and how keeping things bottled up can prevent us from achieving our goals.

And of course we show you a breathing exercise you can do to release your voice!

I hope you will enjoy this interview. Happy Sunday to you all!


To contact Sarah:

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How Laughter Yoga Can Help You Relieve Depression With Joe Hoare

In today’s interview “How Laughter Yoga Can Help You Relieve Depression” I talk with Joe Hoare about his own personal journey and how he overcame depression, what is laughter and how it can help you if you are experiencing depression.

We touched a little on the science behind laughter as a medicine and a lot on our own experiences. And we did a demo of course (go straight to 40’40” to watch it – it is hilarious)!!!

I hope you will enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed doing it!

Further resources: To find out more about Joe’s classes and books:

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Interview with Hawai Kaa on Creative Visualisation

I have a very special guest for you this weekend in my Experts Interview series… You know how certain relationships shape your life?

💛 The person I am interviewing this weekend has helped me come out of years of depression and medication with 3 months of hypnotherapy

💚 she gave me the idea of starting a blog and of becoming a coach

💙 she has coached me on business, personal growth and relationships over the last few years

💛 she taught me how to love myself better and understand my own worth

💜 she inspired me to work abroad when I first met her in 2001

💛 she used kindness to help me see others’ points of view (this was very much needed when we met back then 😂😂😂)

💚 she has been an incredible friend to me for 19 years I have learned so much from this amazing woman than I can genuinely say that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if we hadn’t met.

So I hope you will enjoy this mind blowing interview where we discuss the power of visualisation and how it can help you relieve depression.

To contact Hawai Kaa and receive your audio file:

Honest Guys on Spotify

How Craniosacral therapy can help relieve depression with Suki Carpenter

Let me introduce you to the gorgeous Suki Carpenter who introduced me to Craniosacral therapy in this new episode of our Experts Interviews. I have found out some amazing things about our bodies that I did not know, such as how our entire body is constantly “breathing” and how our organs have movements. And of course we covered how Craniosacral therapy can help you if you are experiencing depression.

To reach Suki:

Instagram and Facebook: @whitewillowbeauty

On the importance of Self-care to overcome depression with Sheleen Johnson

Today I introduce you to self-care coach Sheleen Johnson to discuss how self-care can help people experiencing depression.

We covered self-care (what it is and what it isn’t), burn-out and how to prevent it, how to care for yourself when you are feeling down.

I hope you will enjoy this interview.

To reach Sheleen:

How Energy Healing can help relieve depression with Agnes Baranyai

Today we discuss how you can relieve depression using energy healing techniques such as ThetaHealing and Access Bars and Access Cousciouness with energy healer Agnes Baranyai.

If you have never heard of these techniques, you are in the right place as Agnes explain in details what these are and how they work.

Useful links to reach Agnes:……

Interview with Yoga teacher Hannah Sotudeh on how yoga can help relieve depression and anxiety

Happy Sunday everyone!

This week in the Expert Interviews series I bring you one of my Yoga teacher to discuss how Yoga can help relieve depression and anxiety. Hannah even shares a few exercises that we can do to help ourselves in difficult times. We also cover how yoga can help with grief and connecting.

Have a beautiful day!

Useful links:

To reach Hannah:

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Interview with Nikoletta Varvolgyi on how dating can impact your mental health

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am bringing you Nikoletta Varvolgyi, transformational dating coach, to discuss the impact of dating on your mental health and to give you practical tips to feel better and improve your dating life. We covered a lot of grounds, from loneliness to dealing with rejection, via what an attractive online dating profile looks like. If you want to find out more here are a few useful links:

Nikoletta’s ebook:

Nikoletta’s Facebook group:

Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are!

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