Overcome Interview Anxiety: 4 Essential Hacks

4 Essential Hacks To Overcome Interview Anxiety

Even people who don’t usually experience anxiety may want to understand how to overcome interview anxiety. Interviewing causes stress to most people, and for some this can become anxiety. And it makes sense. Unless you interview regularly to keep your interviewing skills up, you probably only interview every few years. Which means every interview will … Read more

Better Sleep Full Body Scan Meditation

Full body scan meditation for better sleep

This Better Sleep Full Body Scan meditation is for you if you have issues falling asleep or are struggling to improve the quality of your sleep. The impact of lack of sleep on mental health Research suggests that the relationship between sleep and mental health is complex. While lack of sleep has long been known … Read more

Managing Conflict In The Workplace

Managing Conflict In The Workplace

Becoming really good at managing conflict at work has many benefits. You will be seen as a natural leader, someone who can handle difficult situations, and this is good for your career. But the biggest benefit is for your mental health. If you can master dealing with conflict in the workplace, your life will be … Read more

How To Ease The Relationships Around Us

Struggling to communicate with people? How to Ease The Relationships Around Us is for you!

Learning how to ease the relationships around us when we feel down can be key to recovery. Depression can be a deeply isolating experience, but if we are able to recognise the signs and reach out to others, we have a better chance to recover faster.

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Clearing Stress Around Money

Clearing stress around money

This month in my coaching group we are working on clearing stress around money. In fact, this year, we will be focusing on clearing stress in various areas of our life (money, relationships, physical health and so on). Stress can have an important impact on our wellbeing. The more stressed we are, the worst everything … Read more