Being Authentic, Not Perfect By Dr. Kausthub Desikachar

The quote we often grew up hearing in school is “Practice makes perfect”. We are all unique individuals with distinct potentials and capabilities that need to be respected and nourished in an individualized manner. So our quest is not be perfect, as defined by an external reference, but rather to be authentic to our true Self. This is true not just regarding how we look, but more importantly, how we feel and how we express our feelings and potential.

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You cannot be depressed while you exercise

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I often talk about how important it is to exercise regularly when you are feeling low but it recently dawned on me that I never explained why.

My mentor Ed JC Smith repeatedly says that it is scientifically proven that you cannot be depressed while you run. That comment intrigued me so I went and did some research on the subject. And this is what I found.

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