Hannah Sotudeh on how yoga can help relieve depression and anxiety

Can Yoga relieve depression and anxiety? While in my opinion yoga can’t ‘cure’ your depression or anxiety, it certainly can help relieve it. Well, at least it helped me.

Using yoga to relieve depression

This week in the Expert Interviews series I bring you one of my Yoga teachers, Hannah Sotudeh to discuss how Yoga can help relieve depression and anxiety.

Hannah even shares a few exercises that you can try at home right now to help yourself if you are having a difficult time.

We also cover how yoga can help with grief and connecting.

About Hannah Sotudeh

Hannah is a wonderful teacher who is focusing on bringing yoga into primary schools to help children become more calm and confident.

Hannah discovered yoga while she was working as a primary school teacher in London. The demands of teaching a challenging class were taking their toll on her and she found an hour of yoga gave her valuable space and time to process and release some of the physical and mental tension that had built up over the week.

Yoga became an important part of the week and something that she wished she had known about earlier in life.  Soon she realised that yoga was what she wanted to be sharing, with schools and families, to nurture children’s physical and emotional development.

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Inspired, Hanban Yoga was created! She is dedicated to introducing children to yoga so they can be confident and calm in their approach to life using her eleven years of classroom experience and children’s yoga teacher trainings (Yoga Bananas and Class Yoga).    

Further resources

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