3 Tips to Finding Happiness By Chris Atley

I channeled my inner Tom Cruise, Mission Impossible style, earlier this week when I took the kids jet skiing! It was my first time doing this on the ocean, and thankfully all of my years growing-up on Canadian lakes came in handy!
What was funny was that I wanted to go paddle boarding at the lagoon we were at, but the kids insisted on jet skiing. We later learned an adult had to be on at all times, so I, being the only adult, was on the entire time taking turns with the kids! I quickly got into the grove with flying around at top speed, leaning into corners and zig zagging the kids around – who felt it was a little too crazy for their liking fi! I’ve tried getting into surfing – it just wasn’t jiving – and I think I’ve found my new water sport! Ha! How fun!!!!

1. It’s an inside job. When we focus on happy thoughts we become happier. It sounds simple, but it’s not always. I was reminded of this when we were away earlier this month in Mexico. We stayed at the Four Seasons and it was a beautiful slice of heaven. I realized that two people could be having the exact same experience there – with one appreciating the beauty and the other finding things to complain about. The former seeing more to be happy about, the latter seeing more to complain about. And this actually did occur – I overheard someone complaining. My realization was that your external environment always gives you evidence to support whatever it is you are feeling on the inside, thus the lens you are looking at the world through. Happiness has to start on the inside first. So how do we shift it? We need to start appreciating who we are and the good things happening in our lives first. This will create an internal shift.

2. Do more of what makes you happy. Tune into what will make you happy now – don’t wait for someday. Someday when you have more time, more money, etc. Happiness doesn’t have to involve a ton of time or money really. Find the little things that will bring you joy now. The best part about this – it will lead to more time and money anyway. You will start to make more empowered decisions around your time (usually involves saying no more often to the things you don’t want to do) and become more resourceful in growing your business, thus creating more results. Happiness leads to more happiness. One of my clients has been so focused on creating inner happiness, that she started seeing a dramatic shift in her business. More leads started showing-up. Another client started having more and more people reach out to her as a result. She became a magnet. I love hearing about these results!

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3. Similarly to 1., but it deserves it’s own section is, let that sh*t go. Let go of the thoughts that aren’t serving you. Ask yourself, is this thought creating more peace and happiness, or more stress? You get to let it go. It sounds crazy I know, but what if it was possible? Try it on for a sec. What if you could play more of an observer role to your own mind? See the thoughts coming and going. Watching how some create more fear and drama, and other more peace and love. What if you could let the heavier ones float on by? Not take the bait as I like to call it. Just notice, say that’s interesting, learn the lesson if there is one, and let em’ go? You get to decide what is going to occupy your mind and not anyone else. This is up to you, and takes a lot of conscious awareness. A work in progress for sure. Start noticing the patterns your mind wants to grip a hold of, and start thinking about what types of thoughts you would like to have instead. Start replacing the new with the old every single day. Your happiness is worth it.

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