Changing Limiting Self-Beliefs By Pam J Wood

The beliefs you have about yourself and life are fundamental in shaping your reality for better or worse, and affect all areas of your life, impacting the levels of success, happiness, and love you create and allow. 

If you believe you’re not good enough or don’t deserve, for example, you may experience painful accompanying emotions and realities that reflect that.

Negative self-beliefs thwart your self-image and cloud and shroud the you within, skewing your true, happy, loving nature. You think you can’t and you’re probably right; you think you can and you’re definitely right. You are what you think you are.

Below I list a number of limiting self-beliefs that can be damaging and ways in which you can overcome those self-limiting beliefs to create a life of success in all areas once and for all.

See whether or not you hold any of them; If so, BANISH them! There is a technique you can learn.

In doing so you will find your life will change in all areas, and you will begin to realise dreams with greater ease and start experiencing more of the love, happiness and success you desire and deserve.

The truth is, you always deserve, whether you believe it or not, so you may as well believe it! Because…

the more you realise you deserve it all, the more you will receive it all!

Have a scan through the beliefs below to see if you recognise any in yourself, and have a ponder about what symptom/behaviour/feeling/experience that may be the root of that belief.

Your negative ego has an investment in these negative beliefs. It will interpret life’s events to feed the lies of these self-condemning beliefs in a self-defeating catch-22 pattern.

Don’t let it!

If you hear words in your head saying “See, I told you you’re not good enough/nobody loves you/you’re a loser, etc.”, you can be sure it’s the voice of your negative ego, your devil child playing havoc again!

Don’t let your inner critic drown out your voice.

Who you TRULY are is way more than good enough! Who you are is AMAZING!

Let go of any limiting self-concepts.

The worse you feel about yourself and the more guilt and shame you carry, the worse you are likely to behave.

Accept yourself for who and where you are right now.

And… Create NEW beliefs for a fresh, new, successful life!

Mold a NEW self-image.

Who do you want to be?

YOU decide!

What do you want to create?

Get imagining!

You have gifts, talents and strengths, and you can work on these. You have certain traits and characteristics, they are yours, they are unique to you and that is wonderful!

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And you are a powerful creator, whether you realize it or not. You are creating your reality in every moment did you but know it. It’s not a question of whether you can manifest but of how you already are doing it and learning the tools to change to what works for your life. Choose beliefs, thoughts, feelings and attitudes that most serve you.

What you love in others exists in you or a part of you would not find those traits attractive and endearing.

A lot of personal development and spiritual work focuses on healing issues, processing and overcoming blocks and problems, but you don’t want to get stuck there!

Sometimes it can be more about letting go of what you’re not to reveal who you truly are.

As you accept yourself as you are, you more easily let go of what you’re not.

Judgment only makes things stick, so be kind to yourself. Be loving and tender with yourself. Be compassionate and understand we none of us are perfect and become your own best friend.

And ERADICATE those faulty beliefs!

5 limiting beliefs to eradicate:

1. I’m not good enough

2. I’m bad

3. I’m wrong

4. I’m nothing

5. I’m unlovable

Have a look at the above five beliefs and see if any hit a chord or strike a nerve within. Do you think you hold any or some of these negative beliefs?

If so, changing these beliefs will change your entire life radically!

Think about what strategies these limiting beliefs may cause you to adopt (i.e. what you feel you must do, or how you feel you should behave to succeed given your beliefs).

These might be people pleasing, trying to prove your worth, acting aloof and nonchalant, withdrawing, being pessimistic, acting over-confident, creating drama or being antagonistic to get attention, sacrificing or being a martyr, etc.

These strategies are self-defeating and only perpetuate the belief that lies at their root. Being conscious of this is one step on the road to freedom!

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