How To Improve Your Wellbeing At Work

Are you struggling with stress at work? This interview is for you!

Today I bring you Becca Brown, Health and Wellbeing Coach, to discuss wellbeing at work. We covered:

– Becca’s own health and wellbeing journey

– why it is important to feel good at work

– what can people do to improve their wellbeing at work

– what employers can do to support their employees’ wellbeing

If you want to find out more about Becca, you can find her on Instagram at @beccabrown7 or visit her beautiful website

If you wish to join my coaching group, contact me on We will book a call to discuss whether we are the right fit for each other.

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1 thought on “How To Improve Your Wellbeing At Work”

  1. Indeed, we often do not pay attention to our mental health and emotional state.
    We think it is just a bad mood 😉
    We are not aware that it can become chronic if we do not take the necessary measures.
    But when internal problems accumulate, we become less effective in our daily life. Also health problems appear ! As you said, our body and mental state are closely related.
    Therefore, we need to cleanse our mental waste as much as we need to cleanse our body of toxins.
    Taking care of yourself should really come first, unfortunately often we realize this too late.
    Thanks for this interview !


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