How To Find A Job That Makes You Happier

I thought we should talk about how to find a job that makes you happier to continue last week’s conversation on what to do when your job makes you miserable

Because this is the next logical step. Once you have identified whether the issue is the job or yourself, and you have started to implement the steps I recommended to feel better in your current job, the next step might naturally be to look for a more fulfilling role.  

Knowing what job makes you happy

Implementing the steps from Help! My job is making me miserable! on how to improve your level of happiness at work should have given you an idea on why your current role is not fulfilling you.

It could be the type of environment, the company culture, the type of people who work there, the work you are doing, the responsibilities or lack of.  

Once you know that, you need to think about what you would love. In an ideal world, if you had a magic wand, what is it that you would love to do? What would your ideal workplace looks like? What would your colleagues be like? What kind of tasks would you be undertaking? What responsibilities would you have? How would you feel when you go to work?

Let yourself dream about this job that makes you happier. Spend loads of time dreaming about it and feeling the feelings you would feel if you were already in the job. And write it all down. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be to find that job.

Making it happen

Once you have done that exercise (which I recommend you do on a regular basis by the way), you should feel really motivated to look for that new job. You should be impatient to be in that new job!

The next steps are the normal job search steps. Start looking at job advertised, speak to recruiters, contact the companies you like the look of, etc.

Through the recruitment process I would suggest you spend time to deeply research the companies and the jobs that come up so that you can compare them with your vision. Do they feel right? Do they have the right values? Anything you can’t find out, keep a list of. These will find the basis of the questions you will ask at the interviews so that you can assess if they are right for you.  

Date your potential employers

I don’t mean literally of course… But I want you to approach the interviewing process as you would the dating process.

You wouldn’t start a relationship with someone you barely know after the first date, would you? Then why would you accept a job after the first interview?  

Be thoroughly prepared for the interview, do your research, know what you need to find out from them to know if they are the right fit for you.

This is not about selling yourself to them, it’s about making sure you find a job that makes you happier. So when you are interviewing, ask yourself that question: will I be happier in this role than in my current role?  

Take your time

If you are still employed, then there is no rush. So take the time it needs, the process is worth it. I would even argue that, even if you are not employed, you should take your time.

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I went through a difficult time a few years ago. I was training as a UK Solicitor in a law firm. I loved my job! I was working very long hours and enjoyed it. I was sure I would be retained, as I had been told all for the last 18 months that I would. So it was quite a blow when I was told that the firm could not afford to keep me on.

I was given an extra 6 months to find a job. But I panicked and took the first job I was offered, even though it was very far from my dream job. I was in a difficult financial situation and I was extremely sacred of not being employed so I accepted a job I didn’t want.

And of course, it didn’t work out. I was let go of at the end of my probation period. But by then I saw things differently. I had just had the most horrendous 6 months. A close friend passed away the day before I started my new job. I moved into a project house with my partner and lived on a building site. I separated from my partner. I was a mess emotionally so when I lost my job, again, I took a breath.

In the space of 6 months, I had lost everything. My life was a blank canvas, I could do whatever I wanted. And there was some freedom in that. I could move back to France. I could move to a different country or just a different town. I was completely free.

So I re-assessed my life and decided to focus on finding a job I loved. It took me 6 months. I had to fight off the bank that wanted to make me bankrupt as I had to temporarily stop repaying a loan, but I managed to convince them to give me some time. I stood my ground, interviewed for 11 jobs, was offered 4 positions and go to choose the right job for me.

8 years later I am still with this company and I am still happy there, so it was worth the effort.      

How To Find A Job That Makes You Happier – key take-aways

  1. Know what you want
  2. Build your ideal job vision
  3. Search for the right job, not just any job
  4. Use the interviewing process to ensure the role is right for you
  5. Take your time

Try these simple hacks and let me know how you get on

Have you got yourself out of a job you hated and into a job you loved before? What worked out for you? I’d love to hear your stories. Let me know in the comments.

Further resources

In bonus, I share with you the book I used to prepare the 11 interviews I mentioned above. I prepared every single one of these questions before each interview with the role I applied for in mind. I was never more prepared for any interview in my life but it paid off! That is how you find a job that makes you happier 😉

Job Interviews: Top Answers to Tough Questions by Lees

This article is part of the series Happier At Work, which you can find here.

And remember, happiness is a choice, and you are in charge!

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