Interview with Hawai Kaa on Creative Visualisation

I have a very special guest for you this weekend in my Experts Interview series… You know how certain relationships shape your life?

💛 The person I am interviewing this weekend has helped me come out of years of depression and medication with 3 months of hypnotherapy

💚 she gave me the idea of starting a blog and of becoming a coach

💙 she has coached me on business, personal growth and relationships over the last few years

💛 she taught me how to love myself better and understand my own worth

💜 she inspired me to work abroad when I first met her in 2001

💛 she used kindness to help me see others’ points of view (this was very much needed when we met back then 😂😂😂)

💚 she has been an incredible friend to me for 19 years I have learned so much from this amazing woman than I can genuinely say that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if we hadn’t met.

So I hope you will enjoy this mind blowing interview where we discuss the power of visualisation and how it can help you relieve depression.

To contact Hawai Kaa and receive your audio file:

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